Areas Of Focus

Sexual Reproductive health and Rights (SRHR Education)

The aim of this program is to promoting awareness and good governance in sexual reproductive, maternal child health, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, and other health services. RiWA builds community capacity to lobby and advocate for qualitative and quantitative SRH, MCH, and HIV/AIDS care services.

Psychosocial Support Programme – RiWA provides counselling to Youth and survivors of gender-based violence to alleviate psychological trauma. Our psychosocial support consists of advancing the profession of counselling is an essential element of psychological intervention in confronting abuse.

This programme includes one to one directional counseling; group support counseling; couple counseling; social follow- up; referral; and letter writing counseling.

Advocacy on Human Rights and accountability

RiWA focuses on Enhancing adult learning and skills development so that the women are able to negotiate, participate and make informed decisions in all aspects of their social, political and economic lives.

We do know that low levels of education is the major hindrance to empowerment of women and therefore we use participatory methods to enhance literacy levels among the women so that they are able to engage in their businesses and also make decisions that benefit their families.

Economic Justice and Empowerment

RiWA focus on Building entrepreneurship skills among the women and encouraging the women to work in groups so as to save and be loanable. We do this by training the women in entrepreneurship skills and encourage them to save as a group then we train them on how to manage their savings and lending activities.

RiWA conducts trainings for survivor groups for women; newly startups under the economic empowernmen programme and financial literacy.  RiWA continues to follow up beneficiaries who are part of our social enterprise groups. RiWA also engages in capacity building, media Advocacy, community dialogues, documentation and production of IEC materials to promote women’s rights and women’s economic empowerment.

Arts and Creativity and sports for developments

Facilitation of training and capacity building programmes for persons involved in sports and recreation, creative arts, artistic production. Sport and art are the two most universal languages we have. 

These enable youths to express themselves physically, emotionally and even intellectually, allowing them to connect and communicate with each other around South Sudan.

Our sports and art programs are to offer educational, health and life skills opportunities to vulnerable youths in Uganda through harnessing the power of sport.